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Product Detail

Tea bottle with infuser 420 ml


Beautiful and durable, the insulated tea flask Weedy. Fr is above all practical. It also allows you to avoid traveling with containers that are likely to break and, above all, disposable containers. Our insulated tea flasks are thus as functional as they are durable. An investment for you and the environment!

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A light and efficient thermos flask

The insulated bottle may contain 420 milliliters of liquid, almost two classic mugs. Although of great capacity, it displays a weight (as well as a price) that is lighter: only 300 grams ! Full, it is barely noticeable in a backpack, empty it makes you wonder if it has not been forgotten at home or at the office. However, this does not take anything away from his sober and elegant design in bamboo covering a double wall stainless steel and insulating cover. But if you prefer a transparent coating showing the liquid, we have selected the bottle for you. Weedy.Fr, a double-walled glass gourd with bamboo cap.

An insulated water bottle: for what use?

Versatile, the stainless steel tea bottle with infuser is perfect for consuming and moving around with your favorite drinks, hot or cold. Thanks to the double wall, not only does your liquid stay at the desired temperature for a long time, but you also do not risk burning (or freezing) your hands! Prepare for example your hemp infusion at the start of the day, remove the mixture and then enjoy its effects Anti-stress and / or vitalizing All day long !

Double-walled stainless steel: why you won’t be able to do without it

Tea canteens can be divided into two broad categories: single-walled and double-walled. The former are certainly a little lighter, but they are not insulated and involve drinking your tea at room temperature and risking burning your hands while preparing it. The double sided is a simple but ingenious system: by doubling the wall and leaving a slight space between the two, a natural insulation sets up, for a water bottle naturally keeps your liquid cool or warm all day !

The advantages of our insulated tea flask

  • Double wall stainless steel: for an immediate or later tasting (office, hike, car).
  • Stainless steel interior, bamboo exterior: the ideal combo for a solid insulated bottle with an incomparable look. Stainless steel, it ensures excellent corrosion and impact resistance, while offering perfect insulation, without the risk of burning yourself.
  • No BPA: without plastic or resin, this water bottle with infuser is therefore also devoid of any BPA (or bisphenol A, a carcinogenic material used in certain plastic water bottles).
  • Integrated infuser: to make tea anywhere, with ease.
  • 420 milliliter capacity: two large cups of tea, hot or cold, to enjoy all day, even on the go.
  • User-friendly : unscrew the cap, place your hemp infusion, tea or other herbal tea in the infuser, pour water and your tea is already infusing!
  • Light: we almost forget that we always have it on us!

Tea bottle with infuser 420 ml

Tea bottle with infuser 420 mlTea bottle with infuser 420 ml
Tea bottle with infuser 420 mlTea bottle with infuser 420 ml
Tea bottle with infuser 420 ml
Tea bottle with infuser 420 ml
Tea bottle with infuser 420 ml


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